SK Labs is a supplement manufacturer serving a diverse and global market of health-conscious customers. From sports nutrition to dietary vitamin supplements, we can help you launch your new product from the beginning to the end. We are a trusted link between companies and the “the future of nutraceutical manufacturing,” and we have spent over twenty years making healthy living a reality for customers around the world.

SK Labs manufactures products encompassing sports nutrition, healthy weight management, multivitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements. We employ current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and are dedicated to meeting or exceeding those of the nutraceutical industry. Our 60,000 square foot state-of-the art facility is located in Anaheim, California. Equipped with the latest capsulation, blending and packaging equipment, the facility can meet the needs of a variety of industries without ever sacrificing quality or safety.

As a trusted manufacturer of dietary vitamin capsules, powders, and tablets, we take an extensive and well-rounded approach to the production process:

  • We have established domestic and international sources to regularly provide us with the highest quality ingredients, such as herbal extracts, botanicals, amino acids, nutritional ingredients, and more.
  • All of our raw materials undergo individual QA tests with third party labs and in our on-site microbiology lab before use, so you can ensure that your finished capsule, powder, or tablet contains only high-quality materials.
  • Because we also have access to some of the world’s best flavor producers, we can ensure that your product looks and tastes good before it goes to market.

plantphoto2Whether you are looking to launch a multivitamin, a mineral product, a fish oil capsule, or any other kind of dietary supplement, we can help you create the product you have always envisioned, while maintaining strict good manufacturing procedures and high quality control standards.

At SK Labs, we make every effort to meet our customers’ specifications — we consider it our duty not just to our customers, but to the nutraceutical industry in general. That’s why we also offer research and development of new product ideas. We will support you in launching the next industry-leading products in nutritional supplements.

In 2013, SK Labs sought out another health-conscious venture: going “green” as a company. We installed an extensive eco-friendly solar power system on our roof,  which has allowed us to cut down on electricity consumption while reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment.

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