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Top US Cities With the Worst Diets

The United States of America is a large country, and the notions of a healthy diet vary widely across the states. When questioned about whether they ate healthy food all day, people across states had different things to say, which indicates that what does and does not constitute a balanced diet is marked differently in […]

How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

While on vacation, we generally plan to throw all inhibitions and self-control out of the window. While that may seem like a great idea when you’re in the thick of it, it does not turn out to be so for your body, which is going to stay with you even after the vacation is over. […]

Staying Healthy in an Office Setting

First and foremost, eat breakfast and make it a healthy one! Not only is it the “most important meal of the day,” but it will help you pass up the donuts and bagels when you get to the office. Bring your own lunch. In doing so, you will know exactly what you are eating and […]

Harmful Stomach and Digestion Habits

Your stomach and digestive system can be very sensitive, and even seemingly harmless daily habits could be taking their toll. Without good digestive health, your body may not absorb all the nutrients in your food, which can put you at risk for illness. Here are five habits that may be harming your digestive system: Eating […]

Changing Unhealthy Habits

If you’ve ever found yourself opting for an extra slice of pizza, skipping a workout or going to bed too late, you are not alone. Virtually everyone develops bad habits at one point in their lives. Unfortunately, some of them can cause serious long-term health damage. Here are some tips you can use to help […]

How Emotions Affect Our Health

Emotions are at the forefront of everything we do. They often elicit some kind of response within the body – good or bad. When you’re angry, you make become warmer and involuntarily tense up. If you become excited by another’s presence, your blood pressure will rise and you may become more at ease, too. It […]

How to Eat Healthy When You’re Super Busy

When you’re working, commuting, taking care of kids, attending school, or all of the above, finding time to eat healthy can be difficult. While preparing healthy foods does take more time than ordering take out or riding through the drive-thru, it’s still possible to maintain a good, varied diet when you’re super busy. Prepare in […]

Health Technology

Technology is a large part of our lives and has a hand in almost everything we do. It makes our lives easier, keeps consumer costs low, and also is there for pure entertainment. It’s no wonder that technology found its way into health and fitness. Ranging from step counters to apps, there’s a piece of […]

Most Common Mistakes Healthy People Make

There’s a lot that goes into a truly effective health regiment. It takes a lot of planning, research, and tailoring your efforts to your body. With all the information out there about healthy living, it can be extremely hard to navigate what is truly healthy. In order to weed some of the more common issues […]

Conscious Eating

Unconscious eating is something too many of us practice on a daily basis. No – we are not talking about sleep eating, but rather mindless snacking or food choices. These choices are deemed unconscious because we clearly are not thinking of the caloric intake or nutritional value before diving in. In order to take responsibility […]

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