Weight training is a great way to make sure that you are continually strengthening and challenging your body. However, when performed incorrectly, you may be not be progressing as much as possible or you may even be causing more damage to your body than you intend to. This list is to ensure that you stay on the right track and become the strongest version of yourself that you can be.

Doing Too Much

There are many plans and diets available on the internet today. Each plan is oriented around a specific training goal or developed for certain types of people. While it is good to alternate your training plan, from time to time, many people are constantly switching plans inconsistently. Some plans and diets are aimed towards people who have been training for years and have bodies that are adapted to intense training programs. Some plans are aimed at beginners who need to develop the proper motor skills before lifting more weight.

Improper Form

Mastering the form of your exercises is key to proper and long-term training. Practicing proper form will not only prevent you from obtaining injuries but will also allow your exercises to target the muscle groups that they were designed to target.

Using Machines Only

Machines are a great way to get stronger and fitter, but they can also allow you to cover up instabilities or weaknesses in your body. Many free weight exercises allow you to strengthen multiple muscle groups during one exercise. For the best results it is best to use free weights, with proper form, and use machines as supplementary exercises.

No Solid Plan

Doing everything to failure only works when you are training for a specific cause. The way you setup your sets and reps will depend on what you would like to achieve from weight training. After you determine what you want to achieve, you will need to develop your plan around this goal. People who are training for hypertrophy will not benefit from a plan that is only focused on strengthening muscle groups. In fact, in some cases this will push them further away from their goals. Craft your training plan around what you would like to achieve.


Weight training will ultimately make you stronger, fitter, and better. Most common mistakes with weight training revolve around being impatient, using poor form, and not having a set plan in place.