Getting in shape is a worthwhile investment that will last your lifetime. Everyone knows they should exercise several times each week and watch their diet, but it can be daunting to start to make these healthy changes. Finding a gym, boutique fitness center, or community classes can be a great way to get motivated to get in shape, but which choice is right for you? Everyone is different, so finding the right fit comes down to your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Joining a Gym

Gym memberships offer access to cardio machines, weights, and even pools and spas in many locations. The trouble for beginners is that these tools don’t work unless patrons are informed about how to use them. This leads many to focus solely on cardio and neglect their muscular strength, and can lead to feeling discouraged and eventually quitting. To keep motivated, education and consistency are key. Gym memberships are a good fit for those that can keep themselves motivated and are willing to do some research to find the right workout routine to reach their goals. Most gyms also offer personal training sessions that can lead beginners in the right direction when starting their fitness journey. Gym memberships are the most affordable option to get in shape, but it takes learning and doing the work independently to get there.

Boutique Fitness: Specialized Classes

If accountability in the form of group classes is helpful, a boutique fitness center might be a better fit. These centers specialize in one type of workout: yoga, strength training, cardio dance, and even martial arts can offer a great workout to keep in shape. Most people find that they have a passion for doing one type of exercise, and boutique fitness is a perfect fit. A set schedule and accountability from leaders and other exercisers will keep fitness buffs going longer and help them reach their goals. These fitness classes tend to be more expensive, but the structure helps keep people moving toward their goals.

Whether choosing to join a gym or take classes at a specialized fitness center, the important thing is to make it a habit. Find the right fit and then keep consistent to see results and move toward a healthier body for years to come.