While on vacation, we generally plan to throw all inhibitions and self-control out of the window. While that may seem like a great idea when you’re in the thick of it, it does not turn out to be so for your body, which is going to stay with you even after the vacation is over.

Hence, here are a couple of ways that could help you make healthy decisions, even while on vacation.

Keep Those Wild Urges To Over-Indulge In Check

The most important thing is to keep those wild urges to over-indulge in check. The portions are large, and the food contains high amounts of fat and calories, which can be risky even after a single occurrence, let alone over a period of days while you are on vacation. Mostly though, it is the quantity of food that adversely affects our whole system, rather than what it is that we are eating.

Large amounts of high-calorie food not only make you drowsy but also increase the risk of obesity and related heart diseases. One easy thing that one could do to tackle this problem is to choose a smaller portion size, or get the leftover food from a normal portion packed to go, to be consumed later.

Keep A Check On The Portion Size

When on vacation, there is an abundant variety of food available at our disposal to choose from. The smart thing to do here is to taste samples of the food and not full-out feast on them. Again, portion size is key to enjoying more variety of food, and not just be hogged down with one large portion of a single dish.

Apart from being smart while eating, exercise can also be incorporated into the vacation routine in smart ways to take care of any extra calories consumed. For example, walk around the city when you go out for sightseeing, or maybe swim in the magnificent hotel pool, or just go for a hike to enjoy the sunrise or the sunset.

Making Healthier Choices When Eating Is Crucial

Choose healthier options that also appeal to your palette, but at the same time nourish your body in a wholesome way. If there is something you see that you just absolutely cannot resist, then pick that item, and choose healthier alternatives for the other dishes that you could pass over (however reluctantly). Limiting your indulgence to one dish a day goes a long way in have you eating healthy on vacation.