If you are like most people, then working out is your idea of the most natural and healthiest way to lose weight. Then the question of validity arises; hence we are going to talk about generalizations made based on a few guinea pigs (human guinea pigs) AKA science.

What Is Fat?

Yes, fat is that lump sticking out of places it shouldn’t be sticking out of, but there is more to it. Fat is our vest; it is a mechanism to protect the internal organs of our abdomen and chest. A tissue by the name of Adipose is that vest; its main function is to store fats. According to research men store their fat in their abdomen whereas women in their lower bodies.

Is Dieting Beforehand The Way To Go?

A 2014 study has busted this myth; fasting before cardio, in fact, does not help in losing weight. They achieved this by taking twenty young women; they divided them into two groups randomly. One fasted before exercise, and the other didn’t; they worked out for an hour 3 days a week. The scientist then observed their bodies for the next four weeks. In summation, the scientists stated that the fat loss is the same regardless of the meal. Maybe it is a personal choice based on the specific needs of your own body.

Does Fasting Help In Weight Loss?

According to Dr. Kevin Hall of the National Institutes of Health, exercise does burn fat but at painstakingly low magnitudes. According to their research, the best way to lose weight is by changing your diet.

When we exercise, we tend to not only feel more hungry, but we are also inclined to be lazier. This is due to the compensation mechanisms of our bodies.

The Real Way To Lose Weight

To understand weight loss let’s first talk about how our bodies use/burn calories. Our bodies need energy primarily for three things, to run our basic bodily functions, breaking down of foods and exercise. The food we eat is used as energy and the surplus is stored as fat. Eating too much is what causes us to gain weight, so naturally, the way to lose weight is to first tighten up your diet and then add exercise on top. This combination will have the biggest effect. According to the researchers, the weight loss is inversely proportional to the energy required for resting metabolism. Exercising without reshaping your diet will have less of an impact on your weight than dieting alone would.