In 2017 the health and beauty industries are growing larger than ever. Social media has transformed both industries in unbelievable ways. In the past, the beauty industry has relied heavily on professionals to create certain looks. In the world of social media, consumers are empowered more than ever to create these looks themselves. This movement has pushed many to try to create a perfect image of themselves with the use of more makeup than ever.

Unfortunately, this growth of consumption in the beauty world has not lead to stricter regulations on the ingredients for beauty products. It is very important that consumers ensure that their cosmetic and skin care products are composed of clean, non-toxic ingredients. Additionally, consumers should make sure that their makeup easily blends. Makeup that does not blend easily can cause premature aging and more serious problems.

Thankfully there has been some cosmetic and beauty product companies that have taken the opportunity to create products that do not have toxic ingredients. Additionally, these products typically only contain healthy preservatives and chemicals. One such company where products like these are formulated is Susan Bourdeau Skin Care.

Additionally, there has been a number of other great alternatives for non-toxic products. Non-toxic brands such as Physicians Formula, Mineral Fusion, Ilia, Beautycounter, BareMinerals, and Honest Beauty. These brands can easily be found in chain stores such as Sephora and Ulta as well as in larger stores like Target.

Because of how many of these companies have recently begun creating non-toxic products for cosmetics and makeup it may feel overwhelming to find a company that you like the best. Consumers should remember that there may not be just one company that you enjoy products from. It is completely okay and even a great thing to mix and match what you get from a number of different companies while searching for the best products for your skin.

At the end of the day, makeup is about being creative, fun, and healthy. In the world of social media, it is very easy to learn about great, new ways to apply makeup. Whether you search Youtube for vlogs, Instagram for pictures, or Pinterest for ideas there is a larger base of knowledge than you could ever imagine. It is important that while you have fun with all of these new ideas you also use products that are safe, non-toxic and healthy for your skin! Do your research and have a great time with your new healthy products!