Spices are, quite literally, the heart and soul of the food we eat. Not only do they enhance the taste of the food by leaps and bounds, but they are also excellent sources of nutrition that we otherwise cannot obtain from bland and food lacking spices.

All spices come from plants, which means that are abundant in all essential plant phytonutrients. In spices, these phytonutrients are present in a much-concentrated amount, which means that having a drawer full of spices means having your very
own means having a personal natural pharmacy at hand!

Health Benefits of Spices

Americans generally tend to avoid spicy food, but even the red chili in your food that makes you sweat comes with a host of benefits. It reduces the risk of heart ailments, helps in reduction of weight and all the sweating it causes helps the body get rid of toxins, all in a natural and healthy way.

Cinnamon is a very versatile spice and is used widely in both, sweet as well as savory dishes. It is useful in reducing glucose levels in the blood, which is a boon for people suffering from diabetes, as well as helps in reduction of the harmful cholesterol in the body.

Garlic, although it is a vegetable, is one of the most important flavoring agents, especially in Italian food. It is especially effective in regulating and enhancing cardiovascular health. Ginger root is used to soothe nausea and heartburn, and there is nothing quite as effective as a honey and ginger tea when you are feeling less than okay to get your spirits up!

Turmeric has unique healing properties and is especially beneficial in curing muscle pain. Also, turmeric is paired well with black pepper since black pepper contains unique chemical compounds that help the human body absorb the turmeric’s essential nutrients with ease.

Add to the Taste As Well

Not only medicinal properties, but the spices also come complete with ways you can use them to prepare an entire tasteful meal without much effort, provided you have knowledge about how to use the powerful spices correctly. Spices can be used to cook plant-based meals, as well as fish, chicken and other meats—there is nothing that a hearty marinade does not work well with. If you are really pressed for time, spices can be used to prepare spice rubs and pastes (for gravy and the like) in advance, which keep well in the fridge.