Healthy living is by and large a matter of personal choice and determination, and while we may prepare ourselves mentally for the big and obvious hurdles to a certain extent, there are many unexpected challenges that one may face while embarking on their journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

These challenges may come from friends or family, or sometimes the world is flat-out conspiring against you to cause your determination to falter. But knowledge is power, and knowing about these challenges goes a long way in trying your best to overcome them.

First Challenge

The first and most unexpected challenge is that once you start making conscious efforts to eat healthy, people around consider it to be something abnormal or unusual, because who eats healthy food by choice, right? Wrong. Eating healthy is nothing if it’s not based on strong will and when people who are close to you are doubting your motivation for making smarter dietary decisions, it becomes all the more difficult to stick to them.

Another Big Challenge

Another big challenge people face while overhauling their eating habits and their lifestyle, in general, is wading through a pantry that is not filled with healthy foods only. When you share a house with people who are not as motivated to eat healthy as you are, chances of you falling back to your old eating ways get increased exponentially. Imagine going to the pantry to get whole wheat bread, and seeing delectable chocolate chip cookies next to it, that are just calling your name. Yes, nobody wants to be in that spot. Ever.

Sometimes It’s Us Too

Not all challenges come from other people; sometimes, our will and determination to eat healthy becomes a problem, too. We often tend to become arrogant, feeling like we are better than other people just because we consume lesser calories. We often become judgmental, judging other people for the food choices they make, and not everyone is too pleased about it. Such kind of things might turn into a bigger deal than it started out as, and may damage your personal relationships as a result.

When trying to eat healthy, being a fussy eater doesn’t help much. It is without a doubt the hardest challenge that one must face and overcome, should they want to develop healthy eating habits. Eating foods that are not exactly your favorite is not necessarily easy, but at the same time, very important.