The Adrenal Glands are one of the most important parts of the body. Located on each kidney, their purpose is to produce hormones, such as Aldosterone and Cortisol, which help the body to handle major injury or illness, burn fat and protein and help control blood sugar.

Although there is no hard evidence, there is the belief, in Alternative Medicine, that Addison disease and Cushing’s syndrome are two health problems that can result from Adrenal Fatigue.

The theory is that when these glands cannot produce enough hormones Adrenal Fatigue (stress) occurs. Lack of sleep, tiredness, irritability, inability to concentrate are just a few of the symptoms of this condition. This was the conclusion, in 1998, of Dr. James Wilson, a chiropractor.(1)

Alternative Medicine offers the following treatments for Adrenal Fatigue:


It has long been proven that what a person eats will affect their body. It is recommended that one concentrate on foods that are high in proteins (i.e. Poultry, eggs, cheese, butter, fat dairy products, and other natural foods). Caffeine, candies, artificial sugar and microwave processed foods are not recommended. Never eat a heavy meal late in the day as it will interfere with your sleep.

Health Supplements

Supplements suggested are Vitamins D3, B5, C and B12 in addition to fish oil, purple basil and magnesium.


There is no question that yoga is an excellent method for relieving stress and teaching one to relax. The great thing about yoga is that it does not necessarily require going to a gym. There are numerous instructions on the web detailing the various positions that bring a feeling of relaxation and being calm.

Stretch and Breathing Exercises

There are various stretch and breathing exercises recommended that clearly outlined on the web. This forces relaxation and relieves the body’s tensions.


Light exercise is great, whether it is walking or running. This can be done outdoors or in a large mall where there is plenty of room. Exercise allows you to clear your head, increase the flexibility of your limbs and bring relaxation. There are numerous types of exercises, which makes it possible to find some that will fit your age or condition.

Changing Your Routine

Relaxation is the basis of finding relief from Adrenal or any other type of fatigue. Start out with a good night’s sleep. This means not reading, watching TV, playing on your App or doing anything that will stop you from relaxing. Try light breathing exercises and meditation, with the lights out and complete quiet.

Studies have been conducted regarding Adrenal Fatigue and it has been found that when people follow the above routine they have been able to overcome the problems that are associated with this condition.